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    Regenwald Rainforest
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    Protecting the rainforest -
    that's the goal of ourpiece.

    Rainforests continue to be exposed to massive threats worldwide, and the amount of rainforest left is constantly shrinking. ourpiece takes a direct approach to protecting the rainforest. We bought patches of rainforest, established partnerships with local partners, and protected these patches of forest from fire clearing and deforestation.

    Over the long run we can only maintain this commitment
    with the help of people who share the same goals as we do. Therefore we thank all participants who took part in ourpiece, bought their own piece of virtual rainforest and joined us in ensuring that the rainforest stays protected.

    Untouched. Alive. Unique:
    The Rainforest Project Chocó, Columbia

    EA breathtaking array of plants and animals live in Chocó, Columbia, the rainforest region with the greatest biodiversity in the world. ourpiece has purchased almost 40 hectares of intact rainforest here - and it was about time.

    Interview with the initiator of our piece: Daniel Pfeifer

  • The swoosh of palms and twitter of birds

    A look at the rainforest: Up to 55,000 different plant species are to be found in our rainforest, and 3,500 of these are orchid species. Mammals such as jaguar, puma, tigers, anteater, armadillo, and sloth seek refuge here.

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    The burble of water in the rainforest

    A look at the river: There is no lack of water in Chocó. The average yearly precipitation in this humid tropical climate amounts to almost 5,000 mm, the average temperature is 26 °C.

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    Protected forest and cleared spaces

    A look from above clearly shows the difference between forested and neighboring cleared spaces. Nearly 1,900 different bird species, such as toucans, many different parrots, cranes, and hummingbird species live in the rainforest that we protect. Sea turtles use the remote beaches as a breeding place.

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ourpiece: This is us

We bought patches of rainforest and work with local partners to protect these spaces from deforestation and clearing. We do this because we want to protect threatened animal and plant species and preserve the living environment more ..

Our concept

Our projects are successfully financed ahead of time and rest on a solid foundation. Together with experts, we carefully select patches of rainforest that are appropriate and then purchase them.
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Strong partners

We collaborate with experienced local partners on-site who are responsible for protecting the land. The prerequisite for this is that our collaboration partners be financially independent from us, more ..