ourpiece: This is us

Protecting the rainforest - that's the goal of ourpiece. Our initiative was brought to life by the corporate consulting firm ba institute. in 2014. The Swiss company's aim is to take on long-term global responsibility and contribute to the protection of the climate and rainforests by initiating concrete efforts.

ourpiece takes the direct route to protect the rain forest. We buy patches of rainforest and work with local partners to protect these spaces from deforestation and clearing. We do this because we want to protect threatened animal and plant species and preserve the living environment of indigenous people.

Our vision is to continue buying more and larger patches of rainforest. And we can't do it alone. This is why we rely on the support of people, companies, and institutions who share our goal .

Our concept

Our projects are successfully financed ahead of time and rest on a solid foundation. We proceed as follows: Together with experts, we carefully select patches of rainforest that are appropriate and then purchase them. We then divide these patches up into small virtual pieces that we offer for sale. This means: You choose a clearly defined piece of land.

With your purchase you do not gain ownership, but you merely receive a virtual space where you can place your personal information (e.g. text, photo, or logo) and link with your homepage. The income we receive can then be used to purchase and protect the next patch of rainforest. So your contribution will always go towards getting a new rainforest project off the ground.

Careful planning, down-to-earth implementation

We work with experts to choose land that is appropriate for purchase and only decide to go ahead with the project if we're able to see the big picture and keep it in mind throughout the whole process.

We collaborate with experienced local partners on-site who are responsible for protecting the land. The prerequisite for this is that our collaboration partners be financially independent from us, since at least 80% of ourpiece's financial resources goes towards acquiring new land. This means: We keep our own ongoing costs very low.

So that we can be sure that our purchases of land rest on a solid foundation, we institute legal checks every step of the way and make the purchase with the help of local lawyers in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

One step closer with your help.

Here's where you come in: Participate in ourpiece and buy a patch of virtual rainforest. Together we can change the world. Piece by piece.

ourpiece: Changing the World. Piece by Piece.

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