Daniel, you are the CEO of the ba institute and the founder of ourpiece. Why did you decide to start ourpiece?

Sustainability and environmental protection play an important role for me in both my professional and private life. And these are also essential aspects in our work as corporate consultants. We develop things for our customers that have economically and ecologically positive effects for them by, among other things, reducing the weight in airplane components, conserving resources by avoiding errors, or making the switch to digital document management.

With ourpiece, we can now campaign for the protection of nature and preservation of biodiversity in the rainforest in the most direct way possible. In my opinion this is urgently needed, since more and more patches of rainforest are irretrievably destroyed each day. Ourpiece is meant to actively work against this kind of thing.

Ourpiece collaborates with local partners on-site in order to protect the rainforest. What exactly does this collaboration look like?

It is our goal to achieve a clear win-win situation with our projects. We protect the rainforest and our local partners profit economically as a result of the forest being preserved.

As part of our first project near Bahia Solano in Columbia, a unique paradise is currently taking shape with the most rare plant species in all of Columbia taking up residence there. This makes the park interesting not only to eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts, but also makes it an exciting research project for biologists - for the employees of the botanic garden from Medellin for example.

With their sustainable tourism concept, our local partners offer nature enthusiasts and biologists the opportunity to get to know this special ecosystem under controlled conditions and to research it - and the organization can also finance itself through this work.

Ourpiece.com was launched in 2014 and the first patch of rainforest was purchased in Columbia. What will happen next?

We have already been able to reserve some land right next to the park in Bahia Solano. So if we get off to a successful start and ourpiece gains enough supporters, then a very important piece will be added to the park. In that spot, approximately 5 hectares of rainforest have been cleared and we will be reforesting it. We expect it to be very successful, since the seeds remain in the ground for the most part after forest has been cleared. This should allow the forest to grow together seamlessly within the next 30 years.

After that, we will ask our supporters which projects should be tackled next. I do have a few ideas. Reforesting, water conservation projects, land mine removal, etc. With all the different projects we want to create our own market over the long run, where customers themselves can decide what is most important to them and what is worth protecting. I myself am really excited to see which ourpiece projects will be most popular in the long term.